EdiMotion 13. – 16.10.2023

International Masterclass

Sharing the Drama - Collaborative Editing of International Projects

Lecturer: Guillermo Rodriguez de la Cal (ESP)

Editing in itself, is a collaborative craft. The editor has always worked together with the director in search of the best narrative for a film. As the evolution of story-telling advances, more and more voices want to be heard in the process – producers, executives from streaming platforms, marketing people, showrunners and … other editors. All of them have added to the multiplicity of opinions and points of view coming to enrich a debate in constant search for the best product.
For this reason and due to the speed at which audiovisual productions take place, it is important and necessary that the editing team is as extensive as needed to accommodate the work resulting from this complex decision-making. This is not only a necessity for the industry, but can also be taken as an opportunity for the editing process. More minds working with the same material will influence the material with their divergent opinions and views that can be a powerful source for the creative process as well as for the final result of the project.

Guillermo de la Cal is very experienced in different kinds of collaborative editing-projects, such as the mystery-thriller series “Moebius”, the Netflix mini-series “El Innocente”, and most recently the US-Netflix-production “Harlan Coben's Shelter”. He will give an overview of various models of collaborative editing reflecting on their pros and cons in terms of efficiency and quality of the final product.

The masterclass will also simulate a collaborative editing process amongst the attendees, who will be divided into creative teams that edit with the same material and look for the best options in a limited time frame. We will practice how to approach work collaboratively, making the most of the resources available. The aim is to enable participants to work in smaller and larger – also international – teams, and to consider the different voices as an asset in telling extraordinary stories.

Friday, 14.10.2022
10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
location: ifs internationale filmschule köln
Schanzenstraße 28
51063 Köln

regular 330 €
reduced 290 €

The participation fee is reduced for members of our cooperation partners: BFS, aea, sffv, bvft, Filmbüro NW, VeDRA, AG Dok, LaDoc, as well as participants of the IFEF.


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